Ellory | Michelin Star restaurant in Hackney, East London

Ellory | Drinks Menu for our Restaurant in Hackney, East London

Our selection of cocktails, soft drinks, warm drinks and coffee available at our London restaurant



Vergano Spritz 9

White Negroni 9

Manhattan 9



Bottles/Cans 330ml

Pils, Five Points, Hackney 4.8% 5

APA, Work, Forest Road, Hackney, 5.4% 5.5

Oatmeal Pale Ale, Undercurrent, Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire, 4.5% 6

Amber Ale, Wiper and True, Bristol, 5.3% 6

St, Dark Arts, Beavertown, Huddersfield, 6% 5.5



Bottles 750ml

Burning Sky Monolith, 8% 18

Thornbridge x Brooklyn ‘Serpent’, 9% 30

The Wild Beer Co. Wineybeest, 11%  29

The Wild Beer Co. Yadokai, 13% 32




East London Liquor Company Gin 5/9

East London Liquor Company Vodka 5/9

Sipsmith Vodka 7/11

Pig’s Nose Scotch 5/9

Calle 23 Reposado Tequila 5/9

East London Liquor Co. Dark Rum 5/9




Fernet Branca 4/8 

Amaro Montenegro 5/9

Grappa di Moscato Tosolini 7/11

Eau du Vie de Poire Williams Metté 7/11

Calvados Château du Breuil VSOP 7/11

Cazottes prunelle/quince 7.5/12

4.233, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Single Malt, 11 y/o 9 




Ginger Ale 3

Wetter Apple Juice 5




Teas by Postcard Teas 3.5


English Breakfast, India and Japan

Peppermint, Mint from Mars, France

Earl Grey, Calabria, Italy

Black Sun, Aichi, Japan and London

Spring Darjeeling, Subarna Tea Cooperative, Kalimpong, India

Camomile, Correze & Auvergne, France

Lemon Verbena, Brittany & Correze, France




Espresso, Alchemy 2.5