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 Keep wine near me at Ellory London

Ellory did some of the food at Raw Fair 2017 this year along with Brilliant Corners, Raw Duck, Provisions, Maldon Oysters amongst others.

RAW growers have been a staple on the list since we opened and, while we don't brand ourselves as a natural wine place, much of our list features wines that are lower in sulphur. Simply put; those wines can be a vivid, thrilling experience. 

This year RAW moved from the Truman Brewery to the more refined area of the Strand.

Ed poured some wines at the RAW popup on Sunday at The Store Studios.

There was a top crew involved and some great wines on order, including:

Rapha Rodriguez (@rodriguez_rapha) from Fera

Bastien Ferreri from Frenchie

Jo Radford (@RadfordJoseph) from Timberyard

The event was held on 12-13 March

 Ellory, restaurant in Hackney East London, at Raw fair 2017